I am now reviewing two films weekly on the ABC radio network, throughout Australia, on Tony Delroy’s Nightlife. My reviews go to air around 11:20pm on Tuesday nights. In Sydney you can tune in at 702AM.

Films reviewed so far, with their star rating out of five, and a very short summary of what I thought:
*** 1/2
The poster makes it look sombre, but Eastwood’s cheap quickie is very very funny – if you’ve been a long-time follower of his acting career. He goes to town with his portrayal of a ridiculously tough late-70something veteran – and lampoons, with love, his tough guy persona in the process. The down side is that his two main co-stars are first-timers and not yet any good at acting for the screen. But the film is relentlessly entertaining.
Extremely well made – but who wants to see a perfect portrait of a terrible marriage? Leo and Kate play unlikable spouses in this depressing argument-fest. Sam Mendes directs a beautiful adaptation of Richard Yates’ 1961 book – a scathing indictment of 1950s American suburbia – but to what end? Almost certainly better as a book.
Very engaging portrait of a year in the life of a junior school class in a multi-racial part of Paris; a realistic and moving slice-of-life.
MILK **** 1/2
You couldn’t make a better biopic of Harvey Milk than this. Gus Van Sant, at the peak of his form, directs Sean Penn at the peak of his. Brilliant.
Clint’s “big” movie from 2008 is an incredible story – because it’s true. Angelina Jolie proves her chops in this very involving look at what must be one of the most bizarre incidents in the history of the Los Angeles Police Department. Long, but worth it: old-school, disciplined film-making at its finest. Great period detail and a classic turn from John Malkovich as a crusading preacher. Very good indeed.

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