Done Cannes. Done Sundance. DunBLOG.

On the way to the Dungog Film Festival and its started to rain. Report has come from our man Mr. Television, already at the Festival since its opening last night, that the rains have been heavy at the tiny town that is annually turned into an alterna-Sydney Film Industry party for four days and nights. It also shows films… only Australian films. I’m headed up there as a Filmmaker; my nineteen-minute film Do Not Pass Go is playing there tomorrow (Saturday) night as part of a session of short films. It’s a good slot: Saturday night, 8:45pm, in the main venue, the James Theatre, supposedly the oldest continuously operating cinema in the country. It does conflict with the Saturday Night party, but, knowing the Dungog Fest as I do from my attendance there in its inaugural year in 2007, that party will go way late into the night (although – shock horror – you have to purchase tickets to the parties now! Sure wasn’t like that in the first year…) My colleague Tresa Ponnor is also coming up – her short film My Nan, the Next Cate Blanchett is also showing at the Festival. My colleague and great mate Luke Eve is already there – he’s got a short in too, called Man’s Best Friend. I had a blast at the Festival two years ago but word is it’s changed a whole lot… I figured two years ago that it would get too big for the small town and it sounds like it already achieved that last year! But Alannah Zitserman, the Fest’s director, is one of the most capable organisers I’ve ever met so I’m hoping for great things. And certainly great films!

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