The Blind Side


Really, the only reason to see this otherwise TV-Movie-of-the-week-type tale is for Sandra Bullock’s performance. She is very good indeed, playing the real-life character of Leigh Anne Tuohy, a (very) wealthy Southern American white wife of a (very) wealthy fast-food franchise owner who decided, on practically a whim, to watch over, look after, and ultimately decide the fate of a very large, uneducated, unintelligent and naïve young African-American male. Her saintliness is almost unbelievable, as is their relationship – but the whole thing is true, and that is what makes it palatable. The film is surprisingly moving despite the many negatives it has going for it – not the least of which are its concepts of white and black in America. A massive (and surprise) hit in the United States, Sandra Bullock is nominated for the Best Actress Oscar, and she’s likely to win, for a truly interesting and gutsy portrayal of a real person who stands her ground. This film is by no means a classic – nowhere near so – but her performance is something indeed.

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