KICK ASS ****1/2

Matthew Vaugn’s film is not only a revelation but a revolution. It completely re-defines acceptable terms of on-screen violence. Whether you like this film or not will depend pretty much entirely on how much you can enjoy seeing an eleven year old girl in a “batman-style” suit killing bad guys by knifing them in the neck. I loved it. This film is an exciting, visceral fantasy-fest of the highest order. Director Matthew Vaughn has crafted a revenge fantasy that uses all the tricks and trades from Tarantno, Scorcese and Rodriguez to craft a beautiful, alluring, and desperately fun flick – a total roller-coaster ride of nihilistic excess. It ain’t for my Mum, or even my Dad – but for certain friends, this film is like Pulp Fiction – the cinematic equivalent of a great new drug, and worth seeing again. Brilliant.


Has ever a film been titled worse? For those who have always wondered about the copulatary possibilities of these two masters of their artistic domains – this film is a must. For the rest of us – it is actually an incredibly beautiful, and often incredibly boring, film. Mads Mikkelsen makes the most of Stravinsky through long glances an Christopher Walken-style stances, while Anna Mouglalis as Coco Chanel is alluring, sexy, independent – and boring. A film for those who want it, it is certainly not a film for the general public – because who could stand it? That said, it is beautifully shot, supremely acted, and the sex rocks. A great, terrible, film.

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