There are some movies which wear their premises in their titles (SNAKES ON A TRAIN, SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE) – and Hot Tub Time Machine joins this league admirably (and is a better movie than those mentioned). As silly as a movie can get, the film is surprisingly funny, as one would expect by the participation of the always classy John Cusack, who produces as well acts in the film. Essentially, four guys approaching middle age, and disappointed with their lives, try to revisit their youth by going to their old favourite haunt – a ski resort. They find it sad and run down, but then discover a hot tub time machine and really get to revisit their youth by being zapped back to 1986. Of course, if you’re seeing this film for its plot, you’ve come to the wrong place. Anything goes for a gag is the rule here, and eighties fashion, amputation, poo jokes and lots of sex and drugs all get the comic treatment. An easy, enjoyable waste of time.


The hardest movie to review – or at least to star. I’m giving it no stars, but that shouldn’t deter you from seeing it, because you don’t go to see The Room for its quality – you go for its lack of it. Writer / director / producer / star Tommy Wiseau – a weird, strangley-accented, long-haired, muscle-bound EuroFreak – had created what truly might be the worst feature film ever released, and late-night hip audiences have been lapping it up all over the world. A true example of “so bad it’s good,” The Room is actually so bad it’s unbelievably brilliant. Go see it at the cinema, where a cult has arisen out of the audience brutally and relentlessly making fun of every minute of this total celluloid disaster.

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