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CJ’s Movies of the Year

Top Ten:

Snowtown (Best Film of the Year) (Best Australian Film of the Year)

The only film where, at the end, I sat back and thought – I’m in the presence of astonishing, brilliant, revolutionary filmmaking.

Contagion (Best American Film of the Year)

So real, so scary, so perfectly made.

Red Dog

The most moving film of the year, along with the most fun. 


Original and stylish, with the most intriguing sensibility of the year.

The Muppets

Jim Henson would be proud. SO funny, and so true to the real nature of the muppets.

Bill Cunningham New York (Best Documentary Film of the Year)

Attack the Block (Best British Film of the Year)

In a Better World (Best Foreign Language Film of the Year)


Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Honourable Mentions:

Julia’s Eyes (Best Spanish Film of the Year)

Source Code

Perfect “Twilight Zone” style.


Bradley Cooper proves to be a real leading man.

Wasted on the Young

The Trip

An absolute laugh riot.

The Worst, or most disappointing,  Films of 2011:

Jack and Jill

Awful. Awful awful awful.

Bad Teacher

They marketed this as a comedy. It wasn’t.

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest

Very boring. I hope Fincher combines Two and Three into one film.


The Tree of Life

Water for Elephants


The Iron Lady

Maybe my gripe here is with the marketing department. They implied I was going to see a film about a political career – not a film about an old lady with dementia stumbling around her apartment.

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