Best Film Moments of the Year

Moments of the year

Cesar riding the horse out of the mist in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman telling Ryan Gosling about loyalty in The Ides of March.

Red Dog goes traveling to look for his master in Red Dog.

John Bunting slams the door in Snowtown.

The actual (CGI) Herge  sketches Tintin in the first few frames of Tintin.

Hanna kills the fake Cate Blanchett in Hanna.

Viola Davis walks down the street at the end of The Help.

“Life is a Happy Song” in The Muppets.

The camera lingers on a doorknob for the first time in Contagion.

Chris Heywood burns Sleeping Beauty.

Ryan gosling stares at Carey mulligan for the last time before her husband comes back in Drive.

The swimmers – shot from deep beneath – in Wasted on the Young.

Riding a scooter down the handicap ramp in Attack The Block.

The moment you realize you’re going to keep re-visiting the eight minutes in Source Code.

The black and white sea creatures in Oceans.

Philip Seymour Hoffman won’t look at Brad Pitt in his office in Moneyball.

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