Short sharp bits to keep you in the LOOPER

Sorry, a major other job has stolen all my time, but I just HAD to at least tell you about how BLOODY BRILLIANT LOOPER is. Plus, a nice adaptation of a classic

LOOPER ****1/2 (out of five)

If you liked Inception, The Sixth Sense, Terminator, The Matrix and, in general, Twilight Zone, you’re gonna love Looper. Intelligent, extremely imaginative, visually stunning and constantly surprising, this is filmmaking of the highest order from Rian Johnson (Brick). See it — unless you don’t like Time Tavel Sci-Fi, in which case, simply don’t. I loved it. Already, and very easily, one of the Top Five of 2012.

DANGEROUS LIAiSONS ***1/2 (out of five)Why another adaptation of the pulpy, melodramatic (but admittedly very sexy) Dangerous Liaisons? How about if it’s set in Shanghai in 1931? That’s the hook here, and it works. This unbelievably visually sumptuous film has opened at box-office-breaking records in China, and is worth seeing if you want to feast your eyes. The cinematography is gorgeous, the costumes are gorgeous, the sets are gorgeous, and the people are so gorgeous it beggars belief. What can I say? Gorgeous.

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