Mr. Right


*** (out of five)

Anna Kendrick is just too adorable, and Sam Rockwell just too cute, in this very uneven but ultimately passable RomCom guns-and-guts mash-up. Kendrick plays a bit of a hopeless case who may be a bit nuts; on the rebound from being dumped, she falls fast for a nice dude and the feeling is mutual. Pity he’s an international hit man trying not to be killed by others cut from the same cloth. Or maybe it’s not a pity. Maybe some serious action is just what she needs.

The supporting characters are all sub-par Tarantino wannabe, but Kendrick and Rockwell (despite a pretty huge age difference) have palpable chemistry, and the final moments of the film work so well that they kind of make the whole thing vaguely wonderful in retrospect. It’s shot colourfully in New Orleans which contributes to the fun, as our übercute little couple stumble around in silly shirts, dodging bullets and drinking fluffy cocktails.

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