If you already know what happened to Anthony Weiner, one-time US Congressman and later, NYC Mayoral candidate, you’ll still want to see how it all went down behind the scenes – literally, as Weiner co-director Josh Kriegman, who was once Weiner’s Chief of Staff, was there with his camera for all of it. The result is astonishing, a painfully intimate exposé of how politicians frame the truth.

If you know little or nothing of Anthony Weiner, all the better! You’ll be massively entertained by the jaw-dropping shenanigans this possibly brilliant yet totally reckless politician gets up to as he runs for one of the most intriguing and tricky jobs on earth – Mayor of New York City.

Either way, there is huge value-added interest given the constant presence of Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, as she is Hilary Clinton’s closest, most senior and trusted advisor. She appears like a rock of sensibility against the chaotic maelstrom that is her husband, and yet their union remains strong. This sensational – in all senses of the word – feature documentary is thus a scintillating glimpse into a unique political marriage. But more than anything, it is a film whose camera is there at those moments you never see: the ones immediately proceeding what we do see, when what we do see is decided for us.

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