Absolutely Fabulous

In these dark days, this blissfully irrelevant and uniquely irreverent Absolutely Fabulous movie is a one huge drink of cool water. Hurling gags at the screen with the abandon of a morning champagne bender, the film, written by co-star Jennifer Saunders, misses as much as it hits, but when it hits there’s laughter out loud. Colorful, energetic and determinedly deranged, it’s altogether joyous.
Saunders is fine as Edina, has-been PR guru accused of the manslaughter of model Kate Moss (that’s the plot!), but the film is really a monument to the spectacular comedic talents of co-star Joanna Lumley, who, at 72, has never been funnier. Indeed, as a physical comedian this ex-model and ’60s “it” girl has tricks to teach whippersnappers a third her age. Whether playing drunk (which is basically always), bossing around minions, bumping into doors or playing drag (she looks like Bowie, in a crisp white suit and a thin mustache) she is, minute by minute, scene by scene, absolutely hilarious. I could watch her all day.

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