Oscar Preview 2017

Instead of a written assessment of this year’s nominations, check out my Oscar Preview and Predictions on SKIPI TV!

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3 thoughts on “Oscar Preview 2017

  1. Well C.J every time I hear you talk and now see you talk with Skipi T.V you say something that makes me feel like we may have be split at birth ! Well, me to. As a child it was the Oscars for me, every year I would wait for it to come around and because it was televised our time after the event I would place a media blanket bane on all news so i could watch the Oscar nominations read out without knowing before hand who had won.
    Well listening to your Oscar predictions I was excited to hear about Watch This on skipi T.V. I watched my first one today, It’s all great watching my favorite movie reviewer but as a Production Designer I have one suggestion, your set needs some serious attention and I have some great ideas, so if you ever want talk about it drop us a line, I’m serious.

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