WATCH THIS: BlacKkKlansman, Dark Tourist, In Darkness

5 thoughts on “WATCH THIS: BlacKkKlansman, Dark Tourist, In Darkness

  1. Hi CJ,
    I’m a big fan and regularly share your reviews on social media.

    FYI, when I share this post on Facebook or Apple iMessage, no thumbnail appears and it looks like a broken link. It works if you click on it but many won’t because of the way it appears.

    1. Thanks Kabdoo. I’ll see if I can do something about that. Thanks for reading, sharing and spreading the word. Best, CJ

    2. kabdoo – I’ve just been on Support with WordPress and supposedly fixed this. Maybe you could tell me if it’s worked? I don’t use Facebook anymore so I can’t test that. Thanks, CJ

      1. Hi CJ,
        There is a thumbnail now but it’s your avatar (the B&W caricature of you) rather than anything from the post, itself. Is that what you were expecting?

      2. I guess so. Better than a URL. Will continue to work on this. I appreciate your help. Thanks.

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