Eurovision 2019: My Picks!

It’s a great year – again – at Eurovision. Here are my pick of the songs in order of my personal preference; I’ve added a note or two about their chances and so on. Enjoy! Vote for Kate!

Kate Miller-Heidke – Zero Gravity – Australia

Regional bias? Sure. But this song gives me the feels every time, and Kate rocks.

KEiiNO – Spirit In The Sky – Norway

I love this. Pop perfection. And, I would suggest, a chance of winning. Supposedly the rehearsals for the contest show that they’ve played down the camp and taken up the “classy” vibe a notch.

Hatari – Hatrið mun sigra – Iceland

These freaks are going to win, and good on them. Integrity, craftsmanship, balls.

PÆNDA – Limits – Austria

No chance of winning but lovely. And what a great, simple, video clip.

S!sters – Sister – Germany

Catchy and clean. BTW they’re not real sisters. I don’t care. Not a very dynamic staging so far though; they need something better for the big show.

Katerine Duska – Better Love – Greece

What a voice! I can’t wait to see her do this live.

Tulia – Fire of Love (Pali się) – Poland

This is my bonkers pick o’ the year that I truly love. About one chance in a million of winning; they might not even make it to the finals – but talk about integrity! Great.

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