Ready Or Not

The Next Big Thing.


Ready or Not is a goof and a hoot, a retro, completely silly, quite violent but never nasty romp that doesn’t tax the cerebral cortex but isn’t without style. In fact, rather terrific style: set in a gorgeous old mansion on a large estate, much of the film seems lit by candlelight, and the design and cinematography in general is very pleasing to the eye.

Samara Weaving – niece of Hugo, with a strong resemblance – plays a young woman marrying into a dynastic family. Their wealth comes from board games – consider them, say, the extended Parker Brothers or Mattels – and perhaps a little deal with the devil. Seems they strongly believe their ancestor may have made a satanic pact to get the family business rolling, with bad news for our young bride.

All of the cast are on the same page – peppy and upbeat and mildly ridiculous – and the directors are very sure of their tone, which echos fun murder mystery spoofs like Clue and Murder By Death. But it’s Weaving’s show. She is supremely watchable, a superb physical comedienne with a unique presence. More exciting than any other aspect of the film is watching her announce herself as the next big Australian female movie star from her very first scene. She’s buoyant, exuberant, and just plain fun to watch. See it for her.

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