What a great year for going to the movies. Here are the MOVIELAND / FILMMAFIA AWARDS 2014. Below, you’ll find our Top Ten for the year. Also, listen to the ceremony on the Movieland Podcast here:

Best Film:

MV5BMjQ4NzY0ODg0N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjY3OTc2MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_Force Majeure

Best Direction:

Ruben Östlund for Force Majeure

Best Feature Documentary:

20,000 Days On Earth by Jane Pollard and Iain Forsyth

Best Australian Film:

(only given when Best Film is not Australian)


Director Matthew Saville

Best Lead Performance by a Man:

Tom Hardy, Locketumblr_mxdnqzUyej1qe5f96o1_1280

Director Steven Knight

Best Lead Performance by a Woman:

Luminita Gheorghiu, Child’s PoseLuminita-Gheorghiu

Director Calin Peter Netzer

Best Supporting Performance by a Man:

JK Simmons, Whiplash

Director Damien Chazelle

Best Supporting Performance by a Woman:

Patricia Arquette, Boyhood

Director Richard Linklater

Best Original Screenplay:

Nightcrawler by Dan GilroyUnknown

Director Dan Gilroy

Best Adapted Screenplay:

A Most Wanted Man by Andrew Bovell

Director Anton Corbijn

Best Edit:

Tom Cross for Whiplash

Director Damien Chazelle

Best Cinematography:

Fredrik Wenzel for Force Majeure

Director Ruben Östlund

Best Production Design:

Adam Stockhausen for The Grand Budapest Hotel

Director Wes Anderson

Best Original Score:

Daniel Landin for Under The Skin

Director Jonathan Glazer

Worst Film:


Director Ben Falcone

Top Ten

10) Whiplash – Damien Chazelle, with excellent performances from JK Simmons and Miles Teller.

9) We Are The Best! – Lukas Moodysson

8) Boyhood – Richard Linklater, with an intriguing performance by Ellar Coltrane, who ages from 5 to 17 in the film, and excellent support from Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke.

7) Two Days, One Night – the Dardenne Brothers, with a superb lead performance by Marion Cotillard.

6) Under The Skin – Jonathan Glazer

5) The Grand Budapest Hotel – Wes Anderson, with Ralph Fiennes at his comedic zenith.

4) A Most Wanted Man – Anton Corbijn, with Phillip Seymour Hoffman in one of the roles he left behind.

3) Locke – Steven Knight, with Tom Hardy in an astonishing performance.

2) Nightcrawler – Dan Gilroy, with an excellent Jake Gyllenhaal.

1) Force Majeure – Ruben Östlund. Film of the Year.

Oedipal Wrecks

Child’s Pose ****1/2 (out of five)

pozitia_copiluluiThe trouble with reviewing a film as good as Child’s Pose is to revel in superlatives and over-hype the poor thing. Know straight off then, that Calin Peter Netzer’s third feature is astonishingly written (with Razvan Radulescu), shot and performed. It’s sensational.

Luminita Gheorghiu, in the performance of the year thus far, plays Corelia, a wealthy and well-connected Bucharest society architect who finds renewed purpose when her too-adored son is involved in an accident and she throws herself into cleaning up the dreadful mess.

Netzer’s story continually telescopes, at first powerfully revealing the endless everyday corruption inherent in Romanian (and, by implication, most) society, then focusing its gaze to issues of class, family, and ultimately the painfully intimate bond between mother and son. This latter theme is dealt with on a level of universal honesty and unforced pathos such that I have never seen before; the scenes between Gheorghiu and Bogdan Dumitrache are intensely true: writing, direction and performance all borne of perfect observation turned into perfect dramatic art.ch02

Netzer uses hand-held camera, no music score and a very abbreviated time period (the film takes place over about four or five days) and achieves an almost documentary feel, which would have been impossible were his entire ensemble not so brilliant. This is naturalistic acting at its finest and filmmaking at its least bombastic.

Child’s Pose is, essentially, a thriller, but, like the recent films of Asghar Farhadi  – A Separation and The Past – it offers a depth of meaningful, emotional engagement far beyond your average thriller, and, indeed, far beyond your average “straight drama”. Its thrills are thrilling, but its drama is intense, moving, and extremely rewarding.maxresdefault